Thursday, May 12, 2011

Beautiful Feet?

The International Bible Training Center at Deaf Missions is now online! More information will be added to the webpage as time goes. Feel free to browse through our "Handbook" in PDF format. Application for admission is also available in PDF format.

"How, then, can they call on the one they have not believed in?
and how can they believe in the one of whom they have not
heard? And how can they hear without someone preaching to
them? And how can they preach unless they are sent? As it is
written, "How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good
news!" Romans 10:14-15 (niv)

Do you have beautiful feet?


  1. And the excellence begins!!!

    I am going to be watching this ... and smiling from ear to ear (at least in my heart, as well!). Because I KNOW this is going to make a huge difference in the lives of the deaf who attend!!!

    Satan and his angels will definitely be stirred. Do not be afraid. Do not tremble. Because Jesus CHrist has told us, He has overcome the world! Now, on to VIctory!!

    Keep it up, my friends!!!

  2. I don't have beautiful feet. I do have good hands and a clear heart. They go where my feet go. Does that count?

  3. :) Only the Lord knows your heart!