Saturday, November 13, 2010

Attention Prayer Warriors!

Hey, all you prayer warriors, please include the following in your fervent prayers:

- Praise God for Deaf Missions' 40 years of reaching deaf people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
- Praise God for the Bible translation team has completed translating and filming the 12 Minor Prophet books of the Old Testament and Song of Solomon, too! Please continue to pray for the team as they edit these books and prepare them for distribution. Pray also for the team as they begin translation of the book of Psalms.
- Pray for the ministry and impact of the September/October/November/December 2010 edition of Daily Devotions for the Deaf. People in more than 85 countries around the world appreciate these booklets that help them know Jesus Christ more and mature in Him. Pray also for the next devotion book that will be mailed to 18,000+ people around the world in the end of November/beginning of December (the edition for the first few months of 2011).
- Praise God several episodes of Big Bible Stories have been completed and are available - the stories of Ruth, Abraham, Gideon and Jonah. Pray for the video production staff at Deaf Missions as they work on the next episode, the story of Elijah!
- Praise God for a new resource for deaf teenagers and young adults. "College Tips for Christians" are available at Pray for those viewing this valuable resource to be challenged and encouraged to mature in Him, even during challenging times in their lives.
- Pray for our upcoming Extension Program beginning January, 2011. Pray also for Stacey Morgan who is serving as the Dean and for all teachers and students involved.
- Pray for Angie Mathis as she prepares for Deaf Missions' upcoming Christian Interpreters Conference, to be hosted in Council Bluffs in April, 2011.
- Pray for Mark Lowenstein as he develops the curriculum and recruits students for Deaf Missions new full-time, three year training program, scheduled to launch in August, 2011.
- Pray for Alex and Alexa Abenchuchan, both of whom are preparing to serve deaf people with Operation Deaf Orphanage in Eastern Europe throughout 2011. Deaf Missions is serving as their sponsoring organization.
- Pray for God's continued provisions through our wonderful prayer and financial supporters.

Thank you for PRAYING for the ministry of Deaf Missions!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the List! I will be praying!!!

    God has some GREAT Things in STORE for Deaf MIssions. Perhaps the greatest staff, bar none, has been assembled. The direction that Deaf Missions has been going in (Missions, Education, Production - Bible and Materials, etc.) is going to be the trying moments of Deaf Missions, but because the direction that Deaf Missions has been walking in is ordained of GOd, then it behooves us to do more than pray!

    Looking forward to more "reports" like this.