Monday, November 15, 2010

Fairfax '10

Fairfax, our former home church where I preached for over 9 years. It was so good to be there after 2.3 years since our move. So much have changed there! Michelle and I were glad to be there. We wished we had more time so we could meet with everyone. Wednesday through Sunday just flew by way too quickly. Enjoy these pictures of our trip:

Michelle with Kathy, Bev, and Karen before the lunch cruise on the Potomac.

A nice setting inside the boat.

Me and my love on the Potomac (nearing the DC memorials in the background)

Michelle and Hope (the dog we gave to the Garretts)

Our favorite Starbucks Deaf Chat (Michelle has been faithful to this chat gathering for years!)

Mexican fellowship at the Hinckleys (Nancy, Jason, Mel, Gary, Donna, Sally, Michelle, Cindi, Kayla, Kathy, Dennis)

We met at Starbucks before Deaf Class and Worship.

A full house during deaf class (more came for deaf worship)! Praise God!

Getting ready to teach, "Power in Weakness"

Lunch after church at Longhorns! We took over almost half of the seating area.

Kitty and Blue, the Shenoy's getting ready to bury their old lives in the Lord in baptism!

Kitty buried in Jesus!

Blue sharing his heart with us..

Blue buried in Jesus!

There's a story in this picture...

Thank you, God, for WAMAVA!!!!


  1. Did you say its been 23 years since you left there? Wow, you have been serving faithfully in ministry for a long time. Keep up the good work.

  2. JRLDP: not 23, 2.3 equals 2 years and 3 months. ;)