Friday, July 16, 2010


Just learned that Chad Entinger and his family have been struggling on their road trip to Las Vegas with our Deaf Missions van. The van overheated on the way. He had to stop in York, Nebraska yesterday to have it checked. At first, I thought the van was low on engine coolant. But it was the fan that wasn't working. He had it repaired then took off to get to Grand Junction, Colorado.

Today, the van overheated again! And Satan is "RELENTLESS"!! I mean, he is unforgiving and that is his nature! Satan knows we're on the way to Las Vegas to show our Lord Jesus. Las Vegas is his fortress; his domain. He has his armies fighting to keep us away. All of the Deaf Missions' supplies/equipment are in the van on the road to World Deaf Expo!! It's really the "weapons of God" against the dark forces of the evil One!

We ask for your prayers on behalf of Chad and his family and the van. They're seeking assistance from the local churches (in Dillon, Colorado, I believe).. If you're reading this blog and know someone in the area, please help them. If not, please not only pray for them but for us all and the mission itself.

Pray that the "weapons of God & the soldiers of Christ" arrives in Las Vegas safely and just in time!

Blessings to you all!


  1. "Jesus Really Loves Deaf People!": Amen!! :)

    Learned from Chad that he'll go ahead with the repairs instead of spending $1400 a week renting a van in Colorado.. So invest that in repairs. Let's hope he and the van gets to LV before tomorrow eve!


  2. Lord ... this is your "Mission." Deaf Missions is simply going as your representative. We ask for a measure of your Grace and Power to accompany DM Staff. Please ... grace them at this moment! ANd give them added patience throughout this trip. May the Church be the Church, Triumphant, and well!