Friday, July 9, 2010

Volunteer Day

This past week, Deaf Missions had hundreds to thousands of "Deaf Missions Report" brochures to be prepped for mailing. You're getting the "First Look" at what Deaf Missions do every quarter! There were countless others volunteering! Here are one of the few of the countless others!

Alicia and her daughter working hard placing the tray full of brochures on the stacker.

Jolynn working stacking the brochures..

Alexa on the go with the brochures..

Alex Abenchuchan


Deaf Missions relies heavily on volunteers for the glory of God! If you (and your congregation) have a desire to serve the Lord by volunteering at Deaf Missions, let us know! We had a large group from Whiting, IA yesterday helping us out! They were a Godsend!!!

And, oh, one last thing! If you have not received a "Deaf Missions Report" or "Daily Devotions for the Deaf", let us know by visiting us at

God bless!

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